Hello, hello, long time no talk! I got home from my Europe/Marocco trip fine and have been super busy. I finished my PhD and am now teaching, working on some projects for my former adviser and looking for a job. I am enjoying life at home and go kitesurfing as much as I can. The last weeks have been good with already seven days of wind at Lake Constance in September. I love autumn!

But the wanderlust is kicking in again. So the least we could do was a weekend trip to Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland. The morning atmosphere up there is so terrific with a beautiful view and the calm sea. I love it! The lake is up at 1.800 m and the water is already really cold with only 12 degrees. But with the sun thermal winds were kicking in and I had a really good session. I bought a new neopren suit at the Interboot trade show so I was comfortable and not cold. The wind even got strong enough to do some kiteloops 🙂 Unfortunately this probably was the last time up there this year as it is getting too cold 🙁

On Sunday the weather didn’t look good at Lake Silvaplana and there was no prosect for thermal winds. So we decided to got to the Thannhousen cable park to do some wakeboarding. It was my first time there but I really liked the place. They have two cables, one running clockwise and one running counter-clockwise and a lot of obstacles. After peeing my pants for some time I tried riding obstacles for the first time and guess what: It worked better than I thought ans it is super fun! I will definately go wakeboarding more often from now on!

Iam currently editing our trip movie so keep updated!


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