Day 1. The Kitesurf Trophy in Holnis started with a change of plans: Because we had western winds we had to drive to the other coast of the peninsula. There we had good conditions. Wind was strong, however, later on a little gusty, water was more or less flat. I had a good heat against my opponent Annett Bremer and I won. So in the next heat I faced Michalina Laskowska. She is really good (got second in the Kitesurf Tour Europe Podersdorf two weeks ago) and I lost. I was so nervous riding against her. I should have stayed calm and just had fun on the water then probably my heat would have been better. It is so much about what goes on in your mind! I ended up getting 5th in the single elimination and was happy with that. 🙂

Day 2. The wind turned around so the next day we could ride in Holnis. The wind was a little too week for freestyle so we started with course racing. I decided to try it out to see if this was fun. I could test a board from Airush which was super easy to ride. It is called the Airush Sector One Design (60 liters). It has kind of a “plug and play” concept: You can just stand on it and ride it. It is not nearly as difficult as riding a real raceboard therefore it is super good to begin racing with this board. However, it is no competition board as the performance is not as good. However, with this board I managed to finish all races – five in number. I wouldn’t have thought the racing is so much fun, but I had two errors in reasoning: 1) I thought the wind wouldn’t pick up enough to do the double elimination in freestyle this day and 2) I thought we would only do three races. I was sooo exhausted!!! And then they started freestyle! Whaaah! I messed up my heat against Nadine Reimers so badly. I landed hardly any trick and in the end I even bumped into one of the buoys. Raily to bouy – my new best trick 🙂 I was a bit disappointed of myself for my wealk performance in the double but also proud that I managed so many races. But I definitely have to work on my fitness level!

Day 3. Not enough wind for the juniors freestyle double elimination so racing again. Wind was lower than yesterday so I could not ride my kites. The Swiss Kite Racing Team let me borrow a 15 (thanks again Mike!) and we did another six races. In one race I even managed to get second. I crossed out a lot and was able to go very much upwind. In contrast to the other girls I could get around the upwind buoy in one try and therefore had a lead. Racing is fun but after in the evening I was so tired again.

Day 4. Sun but no wind. In the morning we had a German Kitesurfing Association meeting and discussed about what the decision of the ISAF concerning the participation of kitesurfing in the olympics 2016 actually means. The race directors tried to start racing but it was just not enough wind and at one o’clock the racers were released. This was a really nice event and I had a good time up here. Thanks to the organizers – you did a really good job! Now I am off to Lisbon for a conference for my doctor thesis (

Here is a video of Day 3 featuring me:
Kitesurf-Trophy 2012 Holnis Tag 3

All pictures by Mtwo Photo+Film

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