The last couple of days I spend with a crew from SWR (German television) at the Feldberg, Black Forest. I taught a group of three how to snowkite. The film crew followed us on the mountain and witnessed the ups and downs of learning how to snowkite.

DSCN1269After starting with some theory, flight practice with a trainer kite, some demonstrations and then getting used to control a “real” foil kite, all of them managed to get on the board or ski and snowkite!! We spend three days together and experienced almost everything a snowkiter is struggeling with: super strong storm, no wind, fog, gusty wind, but also sun and a beautiful sundowner. My students managed everything and I am super stoked and proud of them that they got up and running so quickly. They learned how to handle difficult situations, such as strong winds (stay calm, release, abort…) or obstacles (don’t ride next to them…).

I think they got hooked and I hope they keep on riding. And I had so much fun shooting and teaching them. Maybe I should have become a snowkite teacher instead of torturing my university students with statistics ;-).


Check out the video here:

Check out my article about how to learn snowkiting here.

Snowy greetings


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