This past weekend the Int. Snowkite Championship was held at Lake Reschen, Italy. I wasn’t expecting much and the conditions looked pretty scary with Lake Reschen only being covered by ice and absolutely no snow. Because of the really bad conditions, freestyle was cancelled because it was not safe enough to run a freestyle contest in these shitty conditions. But I still was very sad because I was looking forward for freestyle.

On Day 1, the wind was reeeeeeaaallly light. In the afternoon the first race was held. I was really scared of the ice but didn’t want to chicken out. I took my 15 square meter race kite and got to the starting line…… and then about 50 m…… The wind was so light, that I couldn’t get it up in the air again. Then it started raining….. bääähhh….With no chance to finish the race I walked back with my kite. Back at the starting line I found out that the other girls didn’t even make it to the starting line with so little wind. In the evening we had a nice riders dinner in the event tent.

Even though freestyle was officially cancelled, a couple of riders nevertheless came to the contest. So on Saturday they decided to make an expression session in which the riders would just ride with each other and then at the end of the day nominate those three riders they thought rode the best that day. I talked with the other girls and all I talked to said they would rather participate in race, so I joined race as well. I ended up having a lot of fun doing races. It went really well for me and I ended up winning every single race. At the end of the day my legs were hurting sooooo bad but I was proud that I made it. I could borrow an iPhone from the KiteTracker guys to see how fast I was going. I reached speeds of up to 40 km/h in the race and 47 km/h after the race… Wow….

Day 3 presented itself with terrific sunshine, a little fresh snow and wind. As on Friday and Saturday already all five races could have been held a boardercross was scheduled for Sunday but because of a lack of snow it had to be cancelled. Instead the Speed Challenge was continued from the day before but I decided to rather check out the spot the freestylers have been yesterday. It was a cool spot with much more snow than expected and the guys have even built a kicker. At the beginning the kicker was super crowded and the wind was really low, but around noon most of the riders left. The wind was still light but was getting more and more constant. I had a really good session – probably the best so far – doing stuff like 180 surface passes, to blind, to wrapped and even one Flat 3. It was probably by accident that I was able to pass the bar in the air but I was super, super stoked.

In the afternoon the Int. Snowkite Champions were crowned. I got two times gold: One for winning race and one for being the best German female. So now I am German Snowkite Champion. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Thank again to the Brandguides for organizing this fun event.

Video of the event:

Pictures by and Matthias Wjst.

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