Greece first timer. After my man and I heard so much about magical Limnos, an Aegean Island pretty much in the Northeast of Greece, we had to check it out and its promised perfect flatwater conditions. So this year no Denmark for me but instead beautiful and warm sunsets and kitesurfing only in a bikini and a lycra for sun protection. No freezing involved 🙂

It took us three days to get there: One over-night ferry from Italy to Igoumenitsa and then after driving the whole distance from the West to the East coast of Greece another ferry that would take us from Kavala to the promised land.

In Keros beach, our home for the next weeks, we parked our car about 10 meters from the waterline. We didn’t move it much more after that. Everything you really need is in bike-distance. Sun, sun, sun. Having a swim before the breakfast. And good crowds. I really, really like the place although it was way more gusty than expected. The spot is a bay and we kited in the upper arch where the wind is cross-offshore and the water flat. The more down you go, the more choppy the water gets. The wind gets a little more cleaner there but there are also the kite schools so we stayed up in the flat. In the Southern end of the lagoon you will find a small wave if the wind is strong enough.

With strong winds we made a trip to Gomati, a wave spot where we had waves about 2-3 meters. I am still not very experienced in waves but it is so much fun and I get better and better each time. But I still rather stayed in the smaller waves…

Limnos is still very rural and not very touristy what was really refreshing. Food and wine is excellent and very inexpensive. I felt very safe and we experienced almost no signs of the crisis… So no problem driving there with a German license plate.

One our way back to Igoumenitsa we made a stop near Lefkada we made a stop at a smelly, but very flat spot. Definitely worth coming back….2015-08-09 16.39.33