The last week of may I what on vacation and we decided to spent it up in North Germany. We took a relaxed trip with many stops on the way up. So the first stop the cable in Thulba for the good boards test tour. It is always cool to check out new cables and obstacles. The weather is what really good and we had a lot of fun. 2015-05-23 21.09.33  2015-05-25 09.28.47 2015-05-25 10.52.17 The next stop what Hamburg, to be more exact the Reeperbahn where we camped with our Bulli van in a friend’s courtyard. We spent two days exploring the big city and meeting friends before we left for the next cable in Nordersted. It what really cold but I liked the short ropes on the cable for practicing inverts. 🙂                 Then finally – Fehmarn! Two days we were riding in gold and then in Orth. The wind direction wasn’t perfect so it what rather gusty and still freezing cold. But kiting is always fun especially when you meet so many great people! We even made a bike tour to the light tower and around the island. 2015-05-25 21.08.51 2015-05-25 21.08.42