The good thing about getting married is that you have a honeymoon afterwards 🙂 So it was also true for us: pack our bags, pack a kite bag and head to the airport. Let’s go to Mauritius. There we should speand two weeks in the hotel directly at the kitespot. From our room we had only 30 meters to the kitespot, yeah.


Mauritius is an awesome spot. A huge lagoon with decent shallow water (though slightly shallow at low tide), small waves, big waves, huge waves. Every day wind. From the overpowered 7er to the light wind kite everything is in the box. We had underestimated, however, that the weather in the winter of the Southern hemisphere would not be as good as the postcard idyl promises. We often had rain and it was also cloudy. But with the great waves one can forgive this the island gladly.


I’m still practicing waves, but it has been a lot of fun to increase the wave size at each session. The Manawa wave is super great to practice. The reef is far enough under water and the waves are wide apart, so that when you are washed, you do not get into trouble. I still have some problems with the timing, but it works quite well. Unfortunately there are no photos. A great experience were also the giant turtles, which swim along.

The island has a lot to offer both scenic and cultural. Whether you are taking a walk through the National Park, visiting the Shiva temple, enjoying tea on a tea plantation with a fantastic view over the whole island (at least as long as it is not raining) or strolling over the hustle and bustle of a market.


In short: We loved it. Honeymoon with every day wind and three times daily delicious food 🙂 See you soon, you beautiful island!