The European Championship in snowkiting on the famous lake in South Tyrol was held last weekend. The preconditions were not very good for me, because I could not train due to the lack of snow and being sick the last few weeks. nevertheless, I have tried to give it my best. I got to know another kite chick from Lake Constance, Taschina, and the two of us have roadtripped to the Lake with the funny church tower in the water.


We arrived a day early to train. After we had seen on the photos of the days before that it had twenty centimeters of fresh snow, the disappointment was great when we realized that it was very heavy wet snow on naked black ice. Oh my dear. A bit of training was still possible and my unhooked tricks kind of worked out and I had a lot of fun with the slider. He was positioned a bit wired, but the feeling of success of riding the first time with a kite over metal was still powerful. ?


On Friday morning, however, I then came back to the bottom of the facts, when it was raining and the little bit of snow then melted together. Actually, I wanted to participate in the long distance race today, but I did not want to do 80 kilometers with this bad snow and low wind. Then you rather meet old acquaintances in the restaurant with a warm cup of coffee, get to know new people and let the sleet out there by itself.

But then on Saturday: Freestyle ? After it was not so clear in the morning, whether we can actually start, it went down a little later. But the conditions were genuine. Icy underground and limited coverage on the ice … Unfortunately the tricks did not work so well and I had too many crashes to collect points. Probably it would have been better to make only simple but safe tricks. But it doesn’t matter, I tried it after all and still scored third place. In the evening we had the victory party in the Bergstadl.


On Sunday I spontaneously participated in race. On the previous day, six races have already been held. So I had no chance of a good placement. Nevertheless I have given everything and with my 12 sqm tube kite scored not only two first places, but also left some of the guys and foil kites behind me. So a bronze medal for racing, too.

I look forward to next year, the 10th anniversary of the Snowkite Open. Hopefully then with a good training before and better conditions ?


3rd women’s freestyle, Int. Snowkite Championship (European Championship)
3rd women’s course racing, Int. Snowkite Championship (European Championship)