A lot of things change with a child – but not everything. After my pregnancy and giving birth to my daughter Maila in February I started kitesurfing again in May. Shortly after all stuff was packed to explore Sardinia for two weeks with our new, family-friendly camper van.


Although the sun did not show itself much in the two weeks in Bella Italia, we had many days with wind. Of course, I had to take it slow. But after such a long break, it is just so much fun to cruise around on the water and do a few hooked tricks.

I although brought the new Enduro V2. It was lying in my basement for a couple of months now waiting for me and I was very excited to finally try it. And I have to say, the wait was worth it. I already thought the V1 was a really great kite. And also the V2 is really good and is easy and forgiving to fly. In the wave the Enduro turns very nicely. Also my husband was thrilled how fast it turns in kiteloops and how well you can practice kiteloops with it. The V2 Enduro is again a super all-round kite that is fun in the wave, in freestyle, oldschool and just cruising.


We will take July and August off and take advantage of two months of parental leave and travel the North. Until then I’m going to do a lot of mum fitness to be fit again and finally ride unhooked freestyle 😊

Photos by Sash Oberhänsli and Sander Mohr